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Xiaomi is one of the biggest mobile companies in India. Xiaomi has millions of users in the country. This big name in the market accused of leaking personal data to another server, which is under a Chinese firm (ALIBABA).
Gabi Cirlig, a cybersecurity researcher, observed unusual behaviour. He noticed, whatever activity he did on his Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi note 8) getting recorded. Find out about  5 Common Cyber Security Threats.

Cirlig investigated the matter and shocking details. Everything he was doing was being recorded. Xiaomi’s default browser was recording all the pages that he was visiting. Even incognito mode was tapping his phone.

His phone wasn’t just recording his browser history. Other activities, like opening file manager and swiping through screens, were also traced. All this data was sent to another server in Singapore and Russia. Hosting was provided by a domain listed in Beijing. Read about cybersecurity.

Andrew Tierney found that Mi Browser Pro and the Mint Browser were also recording the user activities. He also showed proof on his youtube channel. The video below has evidence of the above allegations.

Xiaomi Response

Manu Kumar Jain-vice-president, who is also the managing director of Xiaomi. Manu came up and uploaded a video on youtube stating that all the accusations are false. Xiaomi internet services are 100% safe, and one should not believe fake news. He said that Xiaomi is not just a phone company. It is also a browser company, and they follow the same regulations as every other browser. They do not collect any information from the user unless the user provides an explicit authority. check out- Best Air coolers to buy in India 2020

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