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If you are a farmer and want to take advantage of the schemes offered by the government, then you must register your farmer. To do this, the government has started-Up Agriculture, upagriculture, up agriculture registration page, Kisan panjikaran. Today we will give you all the information related to UP Agriculture (upagriculture.com).

Many schemes launched by the Central Government and the State Government for the farmers, but the benefits of these schemes are not available to the farmers who are not registered farmers, i.e., those farmers who have not been Kisan Panjikaran.
Farmers need to have Kisan Panjikaran to take advantage of government schemes run by the government and can go to Kisan Panjikaran up the agriculture registration page.

Below we are going to give you all the information related to dbt agriculture up, upagriculture, up agriculture in full detail.

Are you also a farmer of Uttar Pradesh, do you also have to do your Kisan Panjikaran on dbt agriculture Up, Upagriculture, Up Agriculture?

If your answer is also “yes,” then read this article further.

Kisan panjikaran

Some schemes are run by the Government of India to benefit the farmers, and these schemes operated under the supervision of DBT Agriculture Department.

The work of the agriculture department is mainly to send money to the farmers’ accounts. Still, Kisan Panjikaran has done on the DBT Agriculture Department website, which helps to identify the farmer.

The up agriculture department registers the farmers, and the details of these farmers are collected, the details taken from the farmers along with their personal information, and bank account-related information.

Bank information is taken from the farmers so that in the coming time, the amount transferred to the farmers’ account can be sent directly to their account through direct benefit transfer (DBT).


Though it is a central government scheme, under DBT Agriculture, separate DBT Agriculture portals of the state government created.

Like DBTagriculture Bihar for Bihar and DBT Agriculture Uttar Pradesh for Uttar Pradesh.

Similarly, DBT Agriculture Portal for different states is also different, and their link and method of working are also very different.

Direct benefit transfer Agriculture Department / DBT AGRICULTURE

Through the DBT Agriculture Portal, farmers can do a lot of work from one place.

Agriculture DBT Portal is different for every state, you have to keep in mind which state you are from, and you have to get your DBT Portal information corresponding to that state.

And if you are a farmer of Uttar Pradesh, then we are going to give you complete information about Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department in full detail.

UP AGRICULTURE, UPAGRICULTURE, Transparent Farmer Service Scheme Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The farmers of Uttar Pradesh are given the benefit of many schemes by the government, the work of giving benefits of these schemes is done through upagriculture.com under the transparent Kisan Seva Yojana.

Transparent Farmer Service Scheme Services of Uttar Pradesh Government., UP AGRICULTURE, UPAGRICULTURE

Not only Kisan Panjikaran is done for the farmers of Uttar Pradesh with the help of upagriculture.com, but also many services are provided to those farmers.

There are services offered by upagriculture.com for farmers.

➡ Farmer Registration (Kisan Panjikaran)

➡ registration graph

 registration report

➡ Farmer Support

➡ Suggestions and Complaints

 Farmers selected for-profit distribution

Know the progress of sending grants to fields

 List of beneficiaries

➡ other notifications

 Progress of Drought Relief

➡ success story

 registration progress

➡ Where did anyone get what benefits

 Profit distribution in important schemes

 Facilities and grants for farmers

➡ Prime Minister of Agricultural Irrigation Scheme

Withdraw the tokens on the device

Note: – There are so many works that the farmers of Uttar Pradesh can only achieve with the help of UP Agriculture, upagriculture website upagriculture.com, by just Kisan panjikaran.

Note: – So far, you have received information related to DBT Agriculture India and UP Agriculture.

Next, we will also tell you the procedure of how to do Kisan Panjikaran on UP Agriculture.

We have described to you the services provided to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh by upagriculture.com under upagriculture above.

If you are from any state other than Uttar Pradesh, then the services provided may be slightly different, you can get information by going to your state government’s DBT Agriculture Portal.


Before committing to Kisan Panjikaran, we would like to give you in detail the services provided on the UP Agriculture Department portal upagriculture.com, and we would also like to tell you what benefits you will get after doing Kisan Panjikaran.

Benefits of being a registered farmer. BENEFITS OF KISAN PANJIKARAN

After doing Kisan Panjikaran, you get a lot of benefits, this benefit is given to you by both the state government and the central government only when you are a Kisan Panjikaran, and you are a registered farmer.


  1. The state government comes to know that you are a farmer.
  2. To benefit the central government or state government schemes to the farmers, it is necessary that the government knows who are farmers and who are not farmers?

If you are a farmer, this can only be proved when your kisan panjikaran has happened.

  1. Direct benefits to farmers
  2. After becoming a registered farmer, direct benefit transfer is sent through DBT to the farmers’ account through upagriculture.com, as per the scheme according to which the amount of benefit is.
  3. Priority to farmers in upcoming schemes
  4. If any scheme is started by the central government or the state government, then priority is given to the registered farmer.
  5. Application for the grant on crop waste.
  6. If, for some reason, farmers’ crops are destroyed, for example, without rain or hail, then only those farmers who are a registered farmer can apply for the grant.
  7. Suggestions and Complaints
  8. upagriculture.com Through this, farmers are also given the option to lodge suggestions or any kind of complaint on any problem.
  9. There are many more benefits that are given to you through the official website of UP Agriculture upagriculture.com once you become Kisan Panjikaran.
  10. Documents required for UPAGRICULTURE farmer registration. REQUIRED DOCUMENT FOR KISAN PANJIKARAN
  11. Whenever farmers go to get their Kisan Panjikaran, keep the following documents with you.

➡ Aadhaar Card

 Aadhaar card linked mobile number (an OTP is sent to the registered mobile number at the time of registration)

➡ bank account details ifsc code etc. (carrying bank account passbook would be correct)

➡ Farmer’s personal information and land information. (Land documents or LPC receipt may be required)


How to register farmer?

If you are a farmer of Uttar Pradesh and have prepared all your information and documents, then you can apply for Kisan Panjikaran online on the website of upagriculture.com 81.


Time needed: 10 minutes.

HOW TO Kisan Panjikaran upagriculture

First, go to the official website of UP Agriculture.

As soon as you go to upagriculture.com 81, its home page will open something like this.


Go to upagriculture.com home page
The homepage will be seen in some way in which at the top, you will see the link to register, something like this.


As soon as you click on register.

A farmer registration form will open in front of you. You have to enter all your information in the form.

Enter the bank account information of the farmer as well.
You have to enter your bank account number and Aadhaar card number along with the IFSC code.
Enter all the information in the form

Enter all the information you are asked for in the farmer registration form carefully and check it once before submitting it.
Submit the application form final.

When your information is filled in the application form, and the application is also verified again, then you submit your application form final.
Note: – On final submission, you get a registration number under the farmer registration, keep this registration number somewhere safe.
Because this number is your registered farmer number and with this number, you will be given the benefit of all the schemes offered by the government.
Note: – Now, your farmer registration arranged in upagriculture under Agriculture Department India, and now you will be given the benefit of all the schemes run by the state government and central government for the farmers.
Note: – There are many central and state government schemes whose benefit is given only to the registered farmer, that is why it is very important to register your farmer.


If you do your registration under UP Agriculture and you need information about any type of status, then you can also check UP Agriculture Status online.
➡ Before that, you have to go to the official website of upagriculture, upagriculture.com.
As soon as you go to upagriculture.com, you will find many links to check the status.
➡ Here you will get an option to see the progress of registration, click on the progress of registration to see the information of up agriculture status.
➡ Now here, you can get the status of your application, up agriculture status by entering your farmer registration number.


Important information
Follow Government Order No. 553 / 12-3-2019-100 (61) / 12 dated 10-05-2019

With regard to making all payments through the portal of transparent farmer scheme.
Regarding the simplification of DBT of the grant of small agricultural machinery and agricultural defense equipment in various schemes of the Agriculture Department.
Guidelines regarding payment to farmers through the portal of transparent Kisan Seva Yojana
Regarding validating the data of registered beneficiaries with other instructions for DBT
Regarding DBT related government order number-09 / 12-3-2017-100 (61) / 12 TC dated 08-01-2018 regarding online registration beneficiary selection and grant.
In relation to DBT related Comprehensive Government Order No. 1074 / 12-3-2017-100-100 (61) / 12 TC determined 26 may 2017
Regarding the procedure and guidelines for online registration of beneficiary selection and DBT of grants and other payments for all schemes operated by the Agriculture Department.
Do not make any payment under the scheme by Paid by me.
Follow DBT’s new mandate number 543 / 12-3-2017-100 (61) / 12 dated 26-05-2017

Updated guidelines related to DBT Computer-957 dated 20-02-2017

Complete incomplete details of registered farmers
Do not modify without a record
DBT mandatory on all items
Initiatives give benefits to the registrant first
Send DBT’s treasury in 5 days (Circular of APC Dt. 25-11-2016)
To be provided to the farmers through permissible grant DBT / RTGS on Zinc Sulphate and Micronutrient in Rabi.
Regarding direct transfer to farmers’ bank accounts through RTGS under grant benefit transfer on hybrid seeds to be distributed in various schemes operated in the Rabi 2016 17
Transfer of verified seeds to given in multiple schemes conducted in the state, right through the RTGS transfer to the bank account of the farmers below the Direct Benefit Transfer.
Instructions for transfer of direct seeds to farmers’ bank accounts through RTGS under grant DBT on certified seeds to distributed in various schemes operated in the state.

Model Appraisal for the preparation of cabins under the NeGP-A scheme.
DBT mandatory in all the schemes of the center
Necessary instructions regarding the implementation of the transparent Kisan Sewa Yojana and the process of DBT 15/07/2016
Registration mandatory for farmer training
Farmer brothers send SMS / WhatsApp to Mo. 9452247111 and 9452257111, writing their registration number or their name, village name, development block, district name in Agriculture Department to diagnose pest/disease problem in their crop.
Instructions for transfer of direct seeds to farmers’ bank accounts in 2016-17 through RTGS under grant dbt on hybrid seeds
Incentives to ATM, BTM for online registration
Dancing in Uttar Pradesh on DBT
Implementation of dbt (Direct Benefit Scheme) -associating with AGRISNET
G.O.I. of DBT to other states of the country on the basis of Uttar Pradesh.

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