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Good Friday

If you are here to find out if its a holiday on Good Friday, yes, it is on 10 April 2020 its a federal holiday. Banks are closed too.

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Why is Good Friday celebrated?


One of the most major day for the Christian community on the day of ‘Good Friday.’ JESUS CHRIST was crucified, and there was sorrow and sadness everywhere because people loved him. He is the son of God for them, he was dead, and people who loved him were devastated, but just after two days, a miracle happened. The whole world could never forget that miracle after two days, JESUS CHRIST woke up from the dead, and that’s the reason why people celebrate EASTER SUNDAY. It is believed that Jesus gave his life to pay for his people’s sin and for there betterment.

Jesus told them that God let his only son die so that his people could live; that’s why JESUS died to pay for the people’s sins so that they could live forever.


This year celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday might not be possible due to the virus and epidemic, but all the lovely people of CHRIST must pray and ask for His blessings, pray to shower the world with happiness. We should promise him to make this world a better place so that he doesn’t have to pay for our sins, and we will.

Jesus was so great that instead of hating his killers, he said to God that these people are unaware of what they are doing, don’t punish them. Good Friday is known as Holy Friday, Black Friday.

How Jesus was born?

Birth of Jesus once upon a time there was a Jewish girl called Mary who lived in Nazareth, very soon she was going to marry a fine young man. Joseph one night while mary was sleeping, she heard a voice as she opens her eyes she saw a flash of golden light and Angel appeared in front of mary

(‘who are you?’ Mary asked) God has sent me – Angel replied, Mary, don’t be afraid God has sent me to you. You have been chosen to do something significant for God .she replied-I’m pleased to know that God has chosen me for the particular task. I’ll do anything to fulfill God’s wish you very soon you will have a son your son will be called Jesus the son of God he will do great things for people.

A son, how is that possible?

I am not married, yet she was shocked, but she remained calm. I am honored she bowed down to the Angel, and the next morning, she told Joseph about the Angel and God’s plan. She decided to get married immediately became pregnant right then the king of Nazareth announced a new law he wanted to count every citizen and so everyone had to register for the census, but Joseph was from another town.

Mary and Joseph decided to travel to Bethlehem because Joseph had to register himself for the census. It was a very long journey from Nazareth to it took many days for them to visit. It was a challenging journey for mary as she was pregnant when they finally reached Bethlehem it was getting dark the town was overcrowded, Joseph asked mary to rest under a tree. He went in search of a place where she can rest but was unable to find a place to stay now mary was going to have a baby both of them started looking for a place where she can give birth Mary said Joseph don’t worry God will take care of us they found a stable and they went in for shelter.

Joseph made a bed of a for Marry so that she could rest it was a beautiful night the stars are shining brightly she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Jesus. She was delighted that the savior of the world Jesus Christ was born Joseph made another small bed with some fresh hay for the baby slept comfortably.


In some hills not far away from Bethlehem, a few shepherds were looking after the sheep’s at night suddenly this ceiling light in the sky appeared it was so bright that they had to close their eyes for a while. When they opened their eyes a beautiful angel standing in front of them, the Angel said don’t be afraid I got some excellent news for you today in the town of Bethlehem a baby boy is born he will be the savior of the world.

the shepherd’s confused, but they decided to go to Bethlehem and see the baby they walked as fast as they could when they reached Bethlehem they found the stable and Mary Joseph and baby Jesus when they saw baby Jesus they went on their knees their heart filled with joy so excited and happy as they found the lord the shepherd left happily started telling other people about what they had seen the news of the arrival of baby Jesus the savior of the world spread far and wide

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