Airbnb cuts 25% workforce nearly 1900 workers

airbnb cuts down 1900 jobs

Airbnb has cut down jobs of nearly 1900 workers, which is equal to 25% of their workforce. Airbnb, a startup entirely depends upon exploring. But due to this global pandemic coronavirus, traveling businesses have come to a halt. Rental startup-Airbnb founder Brian Chesky said that their revenue had seen an enormous decline. Their income this … Read more Airbnb cuts 25% workforce nearly 1900 workers

Special flights to evacuate Indians from UAE

Special flights to evacuate Indians from UAE

The Indian Consulate in Dubai has declared that two flights will operate on Thursday to evaluate Indians in the UAE due to coronavirus pandemic. Two flights will go for “Abu Dhabi to Kochi and Dubai to Kozhikode.”List of passengers will settle by the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, and the Consulate General of India, Dubai, … Read more Special flights to evacuate Indians from UAE

Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 hits Southern Peru

peru earthquake

An earthquake hit the coastal area of the southern region of Peru at 19:44 PET. The magnitude was reportedly 5.7 on the Richter Scale. The US Geological Service released the news. US Geological Service recorded the depth of the earthquake at 185 kilometers. The epicenter of the earthquake is about 6 kilometers away from the town of … Read more Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 hits Southern Peru

Lockdown Increased-Coronavirus News update-

Lockdown increased

Ministry of Home Affairs announced the extension of nationwide lockdown till 17th May. Lockdown Increased- As the cases of Covid-19 are rapidly increasing and right now at 35,365. Today the Central government announced the increase in lockdown. the cases are increasing rapidly in every state and government, don’t want the situation to go out of … Read more Lockdown Increased-Coronavirus News update-

Eid ul Fitr 2020

eid ul fitr 2020

Eid ul Fitr 2020 in India? This year the prosperous day is on 24 May-25 May 2020. As we all know, it marks the end of Ramadan. How is Eid ul Fitr celebrated? Eid ul Fitr 2020 a festival in which the slaves of Allah(Muslim people) break the fast. It is also the last day … Read more Eid ul Fitr 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 Date: Mother’s day on which date?

Mothers day images

SUNDAY 10 MAY, 2020 DON’T WAIT FOR THE DATEMAKE YOUR MOM HAPPY EVERY DAY Mother’s Day Motherlove is unconditional. It’s one of the purest forms of love that exists in this world. It knows no bound. What they do for us cannot be repaid in one day it cannot be matched no matter what we … Read more Mother’s Day 2020 Date: Mother’s day on which date?

Buddha Purnima 2020

Buddha Purnima images, buddha Purnima picture

Buddha Purnima will be on 7th May 2020, Thursday, and its holiday for banks. Every govt office will be closed. Buddha Purnima 2020 tithi starts from – evening-7:50pm on 6th May and ends at – afternoon 4:16 pm on 7th May. Budh Purnima Buddha Purnima is a holiday celebrated in many states. People celebrate the … Read more Buddha Purnima 2020


earthquake in delhi

At 5:45 PM an earthquake was felt with a magnitude of 3.7 It was 1km away from Kaland Uttar Pradesh. The Time of the earthquake was 5:45 Pm. EARTHQUAKE IN NCT-DELHI Info. Massive earthquake An earthquake occurred in Afghanistan. It was a massive one with 6.3 on the Richter scale hit. In the north part … Read more EARTHQUAKE IN NCT-DELHI

Good Friday

good friday images / jesus christ images

If you are here to find out if its a holiday on Good Friday, yes, it is on 10 April 2020 its a federal holiday. Banks are closed too. If you are here to find out about Jesus-Scroll down Why is Good Friday celebrated? One of the most major day for the Christian community on … Read more Good Friday


INTRODUCTION THIS YEAR HOLI 2020(HOLIKA DAHAN) IS ON 9 MARCH 2020, AND DHULANDI IS ON 10 MARCH 2020. This blog will tell you about the history and why people celebrate it and how people celebrate it in different states and what precautions we should take to keep ourselves protected. Holi is considered as one of the most revered … Read more HOLI 2020:DATE/HISTORY/TYPES OF CELEBRATION