best beaches in the world

Best Beaches in the World

You are looking for where to go on vacation. Are you a Beach person you like sunsets and sunrise. Or want to see water waves, you want to get yourself tanned. Just want to sit back and relax at the Best Beaches in the World and don’t want to miss out on anything like a beautiful view, fresh air, seafood, Sunset and sunrise, surfing or any other water sport, or just sitting and relaxing. You want to give yourself and your family a good time? We have just the right and best beaches for your vacation.

We have the list of top 5 Best Beaches in the World which will give you the experience of a lifetime

1. Ao Nang Thailand

 Ao Nang Thailand
photo by pexels

Ao Nang Thailand is in Southern Thailand. It is in Krabi province. It is the most famous for the long Andaman coast beachfront. Boats for the long tours start from there like its the center for sailing. Ao Nang Thailand tops our list of Best Beaches in the World. People there are amicable and welcoming. Restaurants and hotels serve delicious food at a reasonable price. The most important of all this place has one hell of a nightlife.

There they provide excellent deals and packages for the whole day, which includes touring, food, and visiting different islands. They have beautiful cruises also, which make you feel luxurious and you can live expensive lifestyles at a cheap cost.

3 Star hotel average cost – 31 US Dollar

5 Star hotel average cost – 195 US Dollar

2.San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is a coastal town on the southwest coast. It is a fishing village. It a beautiful place for surfers, it also has beachfront bars and clubs which are very good and especially the night clubs are amazing. You can also get trained by expert surfers even if you are a rookie. Nicaragua is a country in Central America boasting

You can find some fantastic choices of things to do for travelers on a low budget with various interests.

Some Best Beaches

  • Maderas Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Remanso Beach

3 Star hotel average cost – 54 US Dollar

3.Leblon, Brazil

Leblon beach, Brazil
Photo by Pexels

Leblon, Brazil, is most famous for its beautiful beaches it’s one of the World’s trendiest cities. In Leblon, Brazil, you will find Different restaurants there will be french bistros and steakhouses. There are mellow bars for beers and caipirinhas. It a place for shopping! You can buy from amazing designers boutiques as well as from the local’s stores. One can find teeny weeny bikinis to super-fashionable jewelry and unusual goodies.

Here you can spend some perfect family time in Leblon, Brazil. It’s a beach where you can relax, have a fun time with family, eat good food, shop and have fun in the water.

4.Tulum, Mexico

Tulum beach , Mexico
Photo by Pexels

Tulum, Mexico, is a place to be for couples. This place is more about romance and relaxing with your partner. Here you can get traditional Mayan massage, spa, or sunbath at Yucatan beaches.

This place consists of 1000 of years old Ruins, but that’s not what led to the rise of tourism in Tulum the new age Tulum is the reason for that the romantic vibe, jungle-shrouded restaurants, and white sand beaches are the reasons for make it the new hotspot for tourism.

Three places where you can Stay

  •  Tulum town
  • Beach Road North 
  •  Beach Road South

You can do yoga in the morning. Enjoy some fantastic tacos, get yourself Mexican breakfast at Zamas. Burritos at Burrito Amor. That was our number 4 for Best Beaches in the World.

5.Malibu, California

Malibu, California beach
Malibu sunset
photo by pixabay

Malibu is quite a famous destination in the west of Los Angeles, California. It is also renowned for its presence in the movie and starts living there or owning a house there. Onto east is Malibu Lagoon State Beach, called Surfrider Beach for its high waves
Malibu has achieved a high status among all the Californian beach towns. Stars and athletes own homes here, on long stretches of beach, and enjoys surfing and unforgettable sunsets.

A place to be

A place to be


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